Throughout the year, The Fulham Study runs inspirational clinics and revision courses in Mathematics, English and Interview Techniques for 6 to 18 year olds. These workshops have been designed to support children in the build-up to important forthcoming examinations such as 7+, 11+, 12+ pre-testing and 13+, GCSE and A-Levels.
Courses are run by our experienced tutors and will take place at The Fulham Study.




11+ Clinics

  • Developing Reading Comprehension

Question analysis (including inferential, literal, evaluative, appreciative); annotating questions and text; understanding the mark scheme; timing and how to answer questions in full using the PEA chain. We will be studying character profiles, interactions, prediction and the effects of various writing techniques.

  • English Writing

Getting started: planning; visualising; text structure and organisation. Paragraphing and writing techniques for effect; building tension; creating and shaping texts. Looking at sentence structure and punctuation; vocabulary; idioms; setting the mood and examination preparation and timing.

Putting it all together! Completing reading comprehensions and writing a short story under timed conditions.

  • Maths

The Maths revision clinics will cover any areas of difficulty and sample papers from various schools will be analysed and practised. Quick fire times tables, mental arithmetic and age relative higher level Maths topics will be covered in preparation for the forthcoming entrance examinations.

The children are encouraged to bring to the Maths clinics any papers they have found to be problematic and these will be worked on with the group.


Easter holiday lessons and pre-entrance examinations for 13+, GCSE & ‘A’ Level

We cover revision in all Common Entrance subjects. Particular emphasis is placed on essay writing technique, examination timing and confidence building together with interview technique.


Summer Holiday Clinics 

The summer Holidays will run for 8 weeks this year: Monday 13th July to Sunday the 6th of September.

Specific Clinic dates to follow. Clinics on offer will be:

Touch Typing

7+ English and Maths Clinic

7+ Exam Technique Clinic

11+ English Clinic (for Year 5 students)

11+ Maths Clinic (for Year 5 students)

11+ Verbal Reasoning/Non-Verbal Reasoning Clinic (for Year 5 students)

11+ Exam Technique (for Year 5 students)

11+ Interview Practice (for Year 5 students)

13+ Essay Writing Clinic

GCSE Essay Writing Clinic

A Level Essay Writing Clinic

A Level Personal Statement Clinic

Handwriting Clinic

Study Skills (for Year 9 – Year 12 students)


Summer Holiday Combined English & Maths ‘Drop In’ Clinics

Warm ups at the beginning of each session on English exam papers such as:
Comprehension: writing techniques, question analysis (ie: what sort of answer is required when question asks: ‘how do you think the author …..) timing, etc.

Writing: revision of writing techniques, tension building etc., writing genres,
I will then see what the main areas of difficulty are for that particular session and we will work on those.
The same will apply to the maths clinics. Warm up on tricky topics such as: problem solving, worded problems, ratio, proportion, algebra etc. I will then see the main areas of difficulty and we will address those in that session.
In addition, each child will be asked which areas of English and maths they find tricky and I will cover those topics, if not in that session, but the day after.

Maths will follow the same premise.

We will of course be using different examples each session, thus covering the unfamiliar presentation of perhaps the same topic.

In the past, this has worked well because the children get a chance to discuss, openly, the areas they find tricky and the ones who, perhaps don’t find those areas tricky enjoy giving their tips!