Day School

What is the objective of the school?

To give parents who are home schooling their children a teacher driven schedule with the opportunity to be in a small caring school environment which is suited to both their academic and social needs.

Why do we want to start a school?

We understand there are thousands of families home schooling who do not feel confident about teaching their children but who have had no alternative because they have not been offered a place at a suitable school for their child.

Who will attend our school?

a) Children who are currently being home schooled because of the current educational circumstances
b) Children who require learning support who may not otherwise get it
c) Children who may have experienced bullying in mainstream school

Why will they attend our school?

a) To learn with other pupils in a small motivated group
b) To gain independence and confidence with a motivated teacher who is qualified in teaching Specific Learning Difficulties
c) To be part of a caring environment while learning

What are the sizes of the groups?

Maximum of 5 students per class.

How do we charge?

On a termly rate, agreed on before tuition begins.

What will we teach?

National Curriculum core subjects and other subjects within the school timeframe.

What is the ethos of the school?

To help children learn in a caring environment that suits them; to encourage and help children to work independently, confident that they have support and social interaction.

Why will it be attractive to parents?

Alleviates the pressure from home, allowing parents to work and enables their children to have a sense of belonging in a caring small school environment.

What are the hours?

Home School 8.30am – 12.00pm & 1.00pm – 3.30pm

What age group will the school be for?

9-13 years