Dyslexia Pre-Screening

A specialist teacher’s assessment report is usually suitable for a child who has not previously been assessed by an Educational Psychologist, and is experiencing difficulties in literacy and/or maths.

A full diagnostic assessment will be conducted and a thorough report will be written to include a diagnosis of dyslexia if, and when applicable.

If a clear cut case of dyslexia is not detected, the report will highlight the child’s educational profile including strengths, weaknesses and recommendations.

The assessment is carried out over 2.5 hours, which includes a number of breaks for the child. A short and informal discussion with the assessor will be available after the assessment. However, the written report will provide accurate results and a holistic view of the child’s learning profile.

The assessment report will include:

  • Summary of findings: attainments, cognitive processing skills and main recommendations

  • Background information from school and home

  • Table of test scores

  • Detailed analysis of findings, including:

General ability:

Verbal ability

Non-verbal/visual ability


Prose reading (reading accuracy, reading fluency/rate, reading comprehension, listening – comprehension and comprehension processing speed)

Single word reading


Free writing

Maths computation and word problems

Cognitive processing skills:

Phonological awareness

Phonological processing speed

Visual-motor processing

Short term sequential auditory memory

Working memory

Other (spoken language, motor skills)


A summary of the reported findings including a diagnosis of dyslexia if, and when appropriate

Recommendations for future support:

Specialist teacher/tutor

At home

Access arrangements in exams

Appendix (list of tests/references with descriptions of administration)

Gemma Cox

Gemma Cox

Specialist Support Teacher / Assessor