Homework Club

There are many students who do not want to spend any more time at school than they really have to. Yet these students still need additional support with their studies and a homework club is a good idea.

Everyone likes a little help now and then, and dealing with homework is no exception. With many parents out at work these days, it is not always possible for them to be home early enough to sit down with their child and help with the homework.

Nor indeed may the parents actually feel like doing that after a hard day at the office! Often tempers are short on both sides and homework can become an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for both parent and child.

In short a battleground!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a smarter sibling to ask and by the students simply working together on class work, their skill levels can improve.

At The Fulham Study we offer a sound learning environment; a relaxed but organized work atmosphere, where children are supported through their homework by young and enthusiastic staff.

A few questions answered:

What is the objective of the Club?

To alleviate the pressure so often caused by homework on working and busy parents.

Who will attend our Club?

a) Children who are currently struggling to complete homework on time and in an orderly fashion

b) Children with Special Learning Difficulties who require learning support and whose parents are not able to assist

c) Children from families whose parents are working and are therefore not at home to help them

Why will they attend our Club?

a) To work with other pupils in small motivated groups

b) To gain independence, confidence and revision skills with motivated staff

c) To gain a sense of achievement and pride when handing in their homework

What is the ethos of the Club?

To encourage and help children work independently with support when needed

Why will it be attractive to parents?

It will help to alleviate the pressure from home and parents can feel assured that their children are completing their homework on time, and to a high standard

What are the hours?

Homework Club – 4pm – 7pm Monday to Friday

How many supervisors?

Depending on the number of children, 1 supervisor to 5 children

What age group will the Club cater for?

6-13 years