Informal Academic Assessments

The assessment is not to gauge [child’s] IQ but to look at [his/her] performance on age relative tasks in:

Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning,



English tasks will cover areas such as:

Writing speed, letter orientation, pencil grip, writing content, planning strategies, word order, sentence structure and grammar.

The Reading Comprehension test will look at:

Reading speed and accuracy and general comprehension of age relative texts, with a view to analysing [his/her] ability to deal with inference and      prediction.

Maths will define:

The level at which [he/she] is currently working, together with problem solving, number formation and number alignment.

The Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning:

Will give us an idea of [his/her] underlying academic ability, which are subsequently used in the context of the other tests.

Carol Cox

Carol Cox

Specialist Support Teacher / Assessor

Ben Walker

Head of English & Maths / Assessor