Informal Academic Assessments


Assessments are incredibly beneficial for identifying a child’s current performance, their strengths and weaknesses, and their relationship to tutoring.

We usually recommend beginning your journey into one-on-one tuition with an assessment, as it gives our tutors a clear direction for their lessons.

Our assessments begin with a 60 minute lesson with your child, where the assessor will cover English Comprehension, English Writing, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

English tasks will cover areas such as:
Writing speed, letter orientation, pencil grip, writing content, planning strategies, word order, sentence structure and grammar.

The Reading Comprehension test will look at:
Reading speed and accuracy and general comprehension of age relative texts, with a view to analysing [his/her] ability to deal with inference and      prediction.

Maths will define:
The level at which [he/she] is currently working, together with problem solving, number formation and number alignment.

The Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning:
Will give us an idea of [his/her] underlying academic ability, which are subsequently used in the context of the other tests.

Following this, the assessor will then have a 30 minute consultation with yourself, to discuss your child’s performance and next steps.

We have three assessors who currently carry out assessments, with plenty of availability during the day and after school. Our assessors have many years of experience, not only teaching students and assisting their development, but also have extensive experience in advising on schools and answering any queries regarding the London school system.

Our assessments are priced at £160 for the full session.

If you would like to book an assessment with The Fulham Study, please call 020 7610 9754 or email

Carol Cox

Carol Cox

Specialist Support Teacher / Assessor

Ben Walker

Head of Maths and English / Assessor

Josh Funnell

Head of Science / Assessor