One To One Tuition

It is our belief that with one-to-one tuition, there is a unique opportunity for the vastly varied ‘blocks to learning’ that a child or young person might be experiencing to be explored and worked through in a way that is most suited to them, and in much more detail than is often possible in a classroom setting.

The timing and structure of each lesson is determined almost exclusively by the needs of the child, rather than by any particular institutional or course requirements. Flexibility to shape the lessons towards particular aims and goals – like exams or assessment processes that the child is currently working towards -, is therefore also possible.

The child or young person is free to ask as many questions as they want or work on problems that perhaps they would be too embarrassed to ask in front of other students and they are free to work at their own pace. The child or young person has the teacher’s undivided attention and so there is also potential to get through far greater amounts of work than would otherwise be possible in a classroom setting, and to far more depth as well.