Oratory and Interview Technique

It is no secret that a confident child is a successful child.

As soon as learning involves a degree of group discussion or interaction, then a child must have the confidence to engage and involve themselves in order to get the most out of their education.

This programme will use three key areas to build your child’s confidence, as well as equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in an interview environment and more generally to be able to interact with teachers, classmates and colleagues in the future.

Debating, public speaking and interview technique are the pillars of human interaction and yet are three attributes not often offered in a school curriculum.

While most of us were at school, we may have done the odd debate in English and perhaps 1 or 2 speaking and listening assessments for our GCSEs, but nowhere near enough to properly equip ourselves.

This is a 5 day course held at The Fulham Study in New King’s House and is targeted at children aged 10+.

Your child will be 1 of 10 students taking the course and each session will be 2 hours long, either taking place after school or in the holidays .

The sessions will include a variety of activities and will utilise a variety of media platforms, it is also our hope to bring in a guest speaker for the interviews phase of the course.

After the 5 days, children will be able to attend their interviews, feeling confident and secure in the knowledge that they have the correct skills to excel.