Lewis Saunders

Lewis Saunders

Experienced Tutor

Lewis is currently studying for a degree in Medicine at King’s College London, having just completed his third year.

He finds that tutoring is a perfect way to use the skills he has collected in clinical practice to benefit others.

Lewis has also worked for a popular international language travel course for two summers, which involved helping 14-18 year olds use their newfound grasp of English in the UK. The path to medicine was a long and incredibly competitive journey, and this has given Lewis an appreciation of and an aptitude for the application process to the top schools in London.

He is a firm believer that children should be encouraged to make links for themselves rather than be drip fed, and strives to ensure that students leave his sessions with confidence and self-belief, the two vital components behind successful studying.



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Key Stage 1 to 3 : English, Maths

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