Specialist Support

Carol Cox founded The Fulham Study some years ago, specifically to help youngsters who were struggling within the school arena. These children were often found to be experiencing mild learning difficulties. With the correct and, in most cases, specialist support, these learners were able to make impressive and outstanding progress.

Here, at The Fulham Study, we pride ourselves in nurturing and supporting children, both emotionally and academically, to ensure their full and rightful academic potential is reached.

Our specialist 1:1 tutors are trained to understand the issues that challenge the learning strategies of dyslexic, dyspraxic or dyscalculic learners. 1:1 specialist support concentrates on individual students and their evolving needs and, at The Fulham Study, learning priorities in support sessions are developed by the student and specialist tutor, in partnership.

We recognise that tutorial support is a continual process of empowering students, helping them to become more independent learners.

We are aware that effective support for students with SpLDs has to be flexible and fun!

Our specialist 1:1 tutors are aware of the different learning styles of pupils and adapt their teaching to suit each individual student.

The aim of support sessions is to reinforce and build on successful strategies, to ensure that all sessions are student-centred with the flexibility to work with students on what is most urgent and, probably most importantly, to build confidence.

Record keeping is very important at The Fulham Study and teaching notes detailing support are kept by our tutors and teachers. Confidentiality is always assured.


The Fulham Study is able to offer a wonderful work space for children who may find their learning affected by visual and auditory distractions:

Lighting (particularly for those students with visual stress)
Good natural light source

Small, sound-proofed teaching rooms, free from distraction for those of our pupils who struggle with focus

Specific, designated room for all of our 1:1 support tutorials
Consistent location / time

Appropriate accessible room
Sufficient space to work appropriately

Health and Safety
Consideration is given to lone working and all of our specialist teachers, teachers and tutors have regular DBS checks