Touch-Typing 4 Day Course


Our four day courses are a great way to start your child off learning Touch-typing. They run over four days, two hours per day, incorporate 6.5 hours of actual typing, 1.5 hours of fun activities, breaks, finger fitness and a tiny bit of fun homework.

Depending on the student’s age and the refinement of their motor skills, we expect them to have learnt the middle and top rows of the keyboard by the course’s conclusion.

At the end of the course a report will be provided on the child’s progress, with advice for completing learning at home. Alternatively we may propose a second course or term time group lessons to help learn the bottom row, punctuation, word processing basics, dictation and copy.


Do I need to bring anything on the day of the course?

We ask that you bring a light snack and a bottled drink together with your registration form, if you have not currently supplied one. Everything else is provided.

What procedures are in place if I am late picking my child up?

We ask the child to please wait in the office, where there are a number of games and lots of learning material to keep young minds occupied.

My Child has a learning difficulty, what support do you provide in such an instance?

If your child is currently being tutored at The Fulham Study, we will work closely with their tutor to formulate a program that will best suit his or her needs. If you have an Educational Psychologist’s report, we can use this to better understand your child’s needs and tailor our teaching further.

Upcoming Touch-typing Courses