One-on-one tuition

Admin Office 020 7610 9754 or


  • Contact our Admin Office, with your ideal days, times and subjects for lessons
  • Our Admin Office will send through some suitable tutor options for you to choose from
  • Once we receive a Registration Form from you, we can book in the lessons


  • Integration between the management team and the tutors, to offer support, communication and synergy
  • Specific lesson plans based on your child’s personal progress
  • Tutors with expert knowledge on the national curriculum, school applications, with the ability to push students ahead
  • An internal archive of resources for all ages and abilities
  • Feedback in person and through reports, to keep you informed weekly about your child’s progress
  • Opportunities to come into the Study to talk to our management team about any concerns or questions

Parents are also welcome to get together and organise group sessions, which can sometimes be more productive, relaxed and collaborative.

Tutoring is considered by many of those living in London as an essential part of learning. When school classes exceed more than 20 children and individual help is not possible, there are bound to be some pupils who require extra support in areas they find difficult.

Helping children to reach their academic potential is our duty – we try to fulfil this obligation by supporting children, for whatever reason, to improve not only academically but also to gain confidence and a love of learning.

Our unique tutoring approach allows us to closely monitor progress on a daily basis. Our system is highly structured and our tutors are guided and supported by each other, qualified teachers and specialist teachers.
Parent meetings are a regular occurrence at The Fulham Study and advice on schools, educational psychologists and counselling is readily available.

Most core and non-core subjects are catered for, by our collection of highly motivated, engaging tutors.

One to One

It is our belief that with one-to-one tuition, there is a unique opportunity for the vastly varied ‘blocks to learning’ that a child or young person might be experiencing to be explored and worked through in a way that is most suited to them, and in much more detail than is often possible in a classroom setting.

The timing and structure of each lesson is determined almost exclusively by the needs of the child, rather than by any particular institutional or course requirements. Flexibility to shape the lessons towards particular aims and goals – like exams or assessment processes that the child is currently working towards – is therefore also possible.

Group Lessons

For some children, group lessons are more productive than one to one sessions. They offer a more relaxed, fun and flexible environment, where small groups of children can bounce ideas off each other, find a humorous side to making errors and share in achieving their goals. Parents are welcome to get together and organise group sessions, or contact The Fulham Study where we keep a list of children currently looking to share classes.