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The Fulham Study is committed to helping our students realise their full potential, to improve their knowledge and their confidence, and to feel supported in everything they do. By tailoring our tutoring to the specific needs of the individual, we address development areas efficiently and make the learning experience special for the students. The Study is also a place where worried parents can come to discuss and air any academic concerns that they may have. Everyone, from our tutors to our Admin team, is fully committed to keeping The Fulham Study a zero-pressure and calm environment, to best facilitate our students’ learning.

How to Book

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Step 1 – Call us on 0207 610 9754 or email us here to get the ball rolling.

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Step 2 – Book an Informal academic assessment (Up to 13+), includes a 30 minute consultation.

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Step 3 – We then match your child to their tutor

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Step 4 – Organise regular tuition times and dates up to a term in advance with our admin team.

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Step 5 – The tutor along with your child’s assessor, develop an initial plan of action based on the Informal Assessment Report and meeting.

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Step 6 – Followed by continual Support through a combination of mocks, reports and discussion.


Upcoming Courses

Below are the next 5 courses / Clinics on our calendar. Please go to our calendar for a full list of all the courses we are currently running.

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“The quality of teaching at the Fulham Study is superb, but taught with such a friendly and supportive approach that my girls have always been happy to attend their sessions. They also offer a fantastic range of support services like touch typing or handwriting improvement. All the tutors appear delightful – feeding back instantly to parents and more importantly, making the children feel good about learning. The classroom environment is also great – lots of space and light – and the occasional sweet to end a session!”

Parent - Two Children at The Fulham Study

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“Both of my daughters have had the benefit of the expert tuition offered at the Fulham Study. It is a fantastic place. The staff are very professional, experienced and thorough and have given excellent tuition to my daughters. Their in depth understanding of the London secondary schools admissions process and exams should be highly commended. They also carry out their tuition in a very caring and kind way. They seem to fully understand the characters of the children and their best learning styles. Finally, they have been incredibly supportive to me as a parent and have provided robust and calm guidance throughout the stressful exam preparation. I would highly recommend Carol Cox and her team at the Fulham Study.”

Parent - Two Daughters Attending The Fulham Study

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