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About Us


The Fulham Study began life though the excellence of one woman, Carol Cox. Our leading SpLD tutor and founder used to tutor all her after school students at her house in Fulham. She quickly became rather popular and it wasn't long before she had nine tutors working with her. You can imagine the pandemonium at the end of the first lesson of the afternoon when 18 parents, 18 children and 9 Tutors all had to gracefully complete the merry swap over. Carol's house was bulging at the seems! Thus, after a couple of months of searching, we found our new home. New King's House.

We began employing more Specialist tutors, Qualified teachers and added our experienced university based tutors. All of us working in tandem to create an exhilarating teaching environment. With a 50 strong team of dedicated tutors, we remained at New Kings House for 8 years until the pandemic hit. It forced us to make the heart-breaking decision to leave our premises in March of last year (2020) .  Every Month during our management briefings, the topic of finding a new home is discussed, however until we feel it is safe to start building our space again, we shall remain nomadic. We thank all our parents who have shown us support throughout this difficult time and have let us do what we love doing best.

Why Choose Fulham Study?

What makes us different?

  • It is not only the tutor that supports your child through their time learning with us. Our Admin, Assessors and management all have an active role in working with you and your child to help you both reach your desired goals.
  • Our tutors are are like family. We employ, rather than contract them, deal with all bookings, any questions related to schooling and manage every step of the tutoring process. We are not commission based middlemen.
  • We organise mock exams throughout the year up to 13+ to help our tutors, parents and Management know exactly where your child may need additional help.
  • Our specialist SpLD tutors are not only extremely well trained and experienced in supporting children with learning difficulties, they have vast knowledge about the 11+ and the difficulties in getting into London’s prestigious day schools.
  • Whether you need SpLD resources or advice on the best GCSE text books, we are always at the end of a telephone ready to advise what to stock up on.

Our Team

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“The quality of teaching at the Fulham Study is superb, but taught with such a friendly and supportive approach that my girls have always been happy to attend their sessions. They also offer a fantastic range of support services like touch typing or handwriting improvement. All the tutors appear delightful – feeding back instantly to parents and more importantly, making the children feel good about learning. The classroom environment is also great – lots of space and light – and the occasional sweet to end a session!”

Parent - Two Children at The Fulham Study

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“Both of my daughters have had the benefit of the expert tuition offered at the Fulham Study. It is a fantastic place. The staff are very professional, experienced and thorough and have given excellent tuition to my daughters. Their in depth understanding of the London secondary schools admissions process and exams should be highly commended. They also carry out their tuition in a very caring and kind way. They seem to fully understand the characters of the children and their best learning styles. Finally, they have been incredibly supportive to me as a parent and have provided robust and calm guidance throughout the stressful exam preparation. I would highly recommend Carol Cox and her team at the Fulham Study.”

Parent - Two Daughters Attending The Fulham Study

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