Classroom Catch up

Has your child misunderstood or missed learning about a specific topic in English or Maths? Have they missed out on essential learning during lockdown and your school’s closure? Ensure they catch up quickly and easily, minimising the effect on your child’s education. 

Our new Classroom Catch-Up lessons are designed to target specific topics across the Maths and English curriculum. They provide a low-cost, quick and easy solution to helping children with their learning. Small groups of up to eight students will work with an experienced tutor to build on their content knowledge, deal with misconceptions and learn effective strategies. 

A complete list of days, times and specific topics for each day, can be found below. 

Each session is priced at just £16 per child per hour with a maximum of eight spaces per session.
Simply email or call 0207 610 9754 to book on to the individual sessions that your child requires. 

Please note: these lessons are for targeting specific curriculum topics, building on the knowledge that students may have missed whilst away from school – please see our 11+ Clinics for help with exam preparation and practice. 

If, by three days prior to the lesson date, only one student is enrolled, we will be in touch to cancel the group lesson and instead offer a one-on-one lesson with the tutor running the lesson in question at the same time. 

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