Clinics are incredibly beneficial for long-term preparation for school entry examinations and are also suitable for boosting student’s knowledge for their schoolwork.

Taught by experienced tutors, they are productive spaces for children to develop their learning and interact with their peers.

Preparing for the 11+? 

The Maths Clinics: cover all Year 6 maths curriculum, and higher-level 11+ maths topics such as algebra, ratio, pie charts, worded problems and problem solving 

The English Clinics: address all aspects of higher-level examination preparation in both reading comprehension and writing. These sessions also look at interview technique and SPaG 

Verbal and non-Verbal Reasoning Clinics: we use online and paper assessments at Year 6 level to prepare the children for those schools which include reasoning in their 11+/pre-13+ selection process 

Preparing for the 7+? 

English and Maths Clinics: We prepare the children in all areas of the 7+ examination, including timing, reading comprehension, spelling, listening skills, writing, and maths. We also cover interview technique 

Preparing for the 13+? 

English and Maths Clinics: These workshops are suitable for Years 7, 8 and 9. They cover the syllabus of the 13+ examination, with a specific focus on exam preparation, and take into account school specifications 

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