Choosing a school for your child, at any age, can be a very difficult process, especially for families who have recently joined the British educational system or who wish to switch from the State sector to the Independent sector. Having worked in London prep schools a number of our assessors, are able to offer parents a personal service guiding them through the school entry process.

We offer a full programme of educational support for your child normally starting with an informal assessment, held at our premises, online or at home, to gauge his/her academic levels and approach to learning. This is followed by a 30 minute consultation with the parents to ascertain which schools are preferred and those best suited to your child’s disposition, academic levels and academic potential.

Then, and only if necessary, one to one tutoring, group lessons or clinics can be arranged to prepare your child for the chosen school entry examinations.

  • We listen to our clients, understand their problems, and develop a solution. We work to a professional code of conduct and advise on a non-biased basis. 
  • With our excellent interpersonal skills, we are able to communicate clearly our opinions and views on what might best suit your child within the academic arena. 
  • We are available to discuss any problems your child is facing, and we work closely with highly experienced Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists. 


Common points for discussion are:


  • My child has just been diagnosed with mild learning difficulties and I require some help in understanding the Educational Psychologists report 
  • My child is underperforming at school, and I am wondering if he could be dyslexic 
  • We have just moved to the UK and are not sure of the British Educational system. Could you please advise us? 
  • The 11+ seems difficult to navigate. Could we meet to discuss my daughter’s secondary school application options? 
  • My teenage son has been excluded from school- can you help? 
  • My nine-year old son is doing very well at school, and we would like to move him to a more academic environment.  What is the best way to do this? 
  • My child is currently attending a local state school and we want to move him into the independent sector.  What preparation is needed? 
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