Carol Cox

Carol Cox

Managing Partner and Founder

If The Fulham Study had a mantra, it would say, ‘To be passionate about children and their well-being; to allow them to flourish and learn to learn’.

Carol Cox and her support of around 50 tutors, all believe passionately in children and their well-being. At The Fulham Study, Carol has built a team of like-minded, young and energetic people to help her achieve this end. The Fulham Study takes children from age 4-18 to ensure that, away from the confines of a school setting, the children learn to achieve and blossom to their highest ability.

Qualifying some fifteen years ago as a specialist teacher, Carol quietly began tutoring from her house in Fulham where she taught ‘one to one’ for 7 years before setting up The Fulham Study in 2012. Having worked in London based, highly academic independent prep schools since 2005, Carol has a wealth of knowledge about what is required of a young person when moving into Secondary school and is fully aware of the highly competitive arena in which the children need to perform.

Carol not only applies her expertise with children , but also provides a place where worried parents can come to discuss and air any academic concerns that they may have.
Carol has realised the importance of passing on her knowledge to all of her tutors, creating a happy, relaxed and academically productive home from school!

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