Small Groups

Small Groups

Small Groups

Our small groups tutoring sessions have a maximum of 4 students, either place your name on a waiting list and we will find children of a similar standard and requested subject to match them up for an hour or a two hour weekly session , or alternatively organise a small group between you and your friends and get in contact with us with all the details and we will find a tutor for your children.

These work incredibly well if your child has been studying alone for long periods and needs to bounce ideas off a cohort. The cost of a lesson is also reduced considerably.
They are also great to use for the transition from Junior to senior school subjects, such as Latin, Languages and the individual sciences.

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How do small Groups work?

  • Call the office on 0 207 610 9754 or email with your request.
  • Our admin team will check who we have on our database also looking for a lesson within the same subject / topic.
  • The skill level of the students are checked against one another and if they are having one to one lessons, their tutors contacted. We also check whether the student has completed any mock exams and will glean as much information as we can from our discussions with the parent or guardian.
  • A review of the group will be conducted every half term , with recommendations from the evaluation and parent input deciding the next progressive course of the group.

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