Handwriting is a very complex skill to master, one that involves linguistic, cognitive, perceptual and motor components, all of which have to be coordinated into an integrated fashion. Although we take it for granted, some people, young and old, find handwriting very difficult to perform and feel they need help to perfect the skill. Support from those with expertise and experience is nearly always appreciated.
Described here by the NHA (National Handwriting Association).
We have the expertise and experience to help children who are experiencing handwriting difficulties. We first offer your child a short informal handwriting assessment, at which time we will examine:

  • Pencil grip
  • Writing equipment
  • Letter formation, size, spacing, and orientation
  • Writing speed
  • Possible hyper-mobility

Using the report from the informal handwriting assessment, together with Handwriting Legibility Scale (HLS) Barnett, A.L, Prunty, M. & Rosenblum, S. (2017), our specialist teachers will target the areas of difficulty.

For most children who are having handwriting difficulties, targeted intervention from a specialist teacher can make all the difference. There are some, however, who for whatever reason, may never manage to master the art of tidy, cursive handwriting and for those few, learning how to touch-type is essential. (See our Touch-Typing section).

One to One

What we offer

  • A short assessment of your child’s handwriritng.
  • A clear thought out plan on how to improve it.
  • One to one and small groups.
  • Handwriting homework
  • Advice on up to date handwriting aids such as pencil grips, specialist pens and pencils

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