We have our own Touch-Typing program called Decapods, run by Woody Lenton, Sally Andrews and Clare Chase, it aims to arm children with an empowering skill, that not only helps them achieve throughout their schooling but additionally sees them adding a stand-out skill on their Curriculum Vitae, once entering the job market.

What makes Decapods Special?

  • If a child is struggling we can quickly react to their needs, creating an alternate course of study.
  • Our philosophy is fun first, as enjoyment within the class, leads to an enthusiastic learner at home.
  • We believe in teaching a child not only the skill of Touch-typing but how to use that skill in real world application.

Why should children learn to Touch-type?

There are a number of reasons why a child should learn to Touch-type:

  • Touch-typing is a procedural learning exercise, which leads to the attainment of a skill, that will have immediate and long lasting benefits throughout their schooling and chosen careers.
  • With the wide use of tablets, children are not being exposed to a conventional keyboard, thus find it increasingly difficult to perform simple typing tasks when entering secondary school.
  • Touch-typing when mastered, allows the child to automate the process of getting thought to page.
  • It helps tune fine motor skills, working memory, spelling and reading
  • Children with Learning difficulties are able to, with the permission of their school use a word processing tool within the classroom.
  • Our one to one and group classes run throughout the term, with four day courses taking place during the holidays.
Touchtyping keyboard

What we offer

  • Holiday and Term time 4 day courses
  • One to one and group – holiday and term time lessons
  • Detailed reports on a student’s progress and recommendations for continued learning at home.
  • Real world application with Copy type practise, Document editing and speed tips.
  • Colour coded Keyboards for children with learning difficulties
  • Rewards and prizes

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